An Artistic Statement

Born and raised in Hampton Roads, Virginia, Shannon always felt a deep love and connection to nature and all its beauty. From the mountains to the oceans, It is certainly one of the reasons  she became a  photographer.

Since moving to Pinellas County  in 2011, she has grown a fond love for the diverse Florida beaches and the wonderful landscapes and wildlife it has to offer.

Technology has changed the world and her goal as a photographer is to influence everyone to walk away from your computer, phone  or whatever is keeping you distracted........


Breath and Enjoy the Moment.

Shannon travels across the beautiful state of Florida to find all the wonderful treasures it has to offer.
All works are original, are shot on location, and are real images. If there is a particular shot or piece from the gallery you find appealing, make sure to contact her.

Ft. Myers, FL | 2018

Clearwater, FL | 2019